About the Company

The most extensive experience

Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre, otherwise referred to as the Telecentre or LRTC, has the most extensive experience in the field of radio signals and television programmes transmission among the Lithuanian companies. It is a state-owned stock company under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Its units in all Lithuania have about 400 employees.

The activity of the Telecentre was commenced on 12 April 1926 when the first Lithuanian radio signals were broadcasted from the Kaunas Radio Station. Television programmes broadcasting services were launched on 30 April 1957.

The most advanced services

The Company ensures radio and TV programmes transmission to all residents of Lithuania, as well as provides data transmission, network connection, telephony and other services. With the high level of network skills and a creative approach the Telecentre developed the most advanced services of communication technologies, courageously choosing untested ways and implementing its activities with a great fervour.

Lithuania started the era of digital television in the Baltic region. The first digital terrestrial television transmitter in Vilnius Television Tower was built in 2003.
Three years after, the Telecentre began to use MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compact standard for encoding and decoding TV programmes. The introduction of this standard allowed transmission of 10 enhanced digital TV programmes through one DVB-T network. Furthermore, this standard also provides the possibility of transmission TV programmes of high definition.

In 2006 the Telecentre became the world’s first company, which started commercially using the standard MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 for encoding and decoding TV programmes on terrestrial TV networks to transmit.

The experience of the Telecentre in the field of providing Internet services is more than 10 years, and it has already found its place in the market. The Company has been providing Erdvės wireless internet services since 2001. It has started providing services of MEZON 4G Mobile Internet on 3 March 2009 – on that day Lithuania became the first Central European country to use the next generation 4G Mobile WiMAX technology.