Fixed telephony

Telecentre’s fixed communication telephony (supplied via Internet) is an effective and reliable solution ensuring a smooth communication among the company’s employees and communication with the company’s customers and partners both in Lithuania and abroad.
No subscriber’s fee for telephone communication service is charged, whereas the minimum monthly fee can be used for calls. The minimum monthly fee for airtime is charged not for each telephone line individually, but for all the lines collectively, thus it is especially effective when one line uses very little of airtime while another one is used for calls more intensively.
Calls are charged in seconds, thus you will only pay for the duration of your call.
You will be able to use Telecentre’s fixed communication telephony via Internet when calling from ordinary telephones, thus you will not need to acquire expensive Internet phones (IP).
In case of having no telephone number, we will grant the number free of charge based on the customer’s geographical location. The owned telephone numbers will be transferred to Telecentre network free of charge within 1 work day! No need to install a telephone line.

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