Communication equipment hosting in Telecentre sites

Equipment hosting services are intended for operators or other entities who wish to reach their customers by using Telecentre’s infrastructure of towers for the national coverage.
By using the developed infrastructure of towers throughout the country you will expand your network at optimised costs.
Long-term experience of specialists in designing and installing equipment, as well as professional consulting will help you to choose the most effective solution.
The sites are equipped with fire alarm and protective alarm systems, and the temperature and humidity necessary for ensuring operating conditions are maintained in the premises. Uninterrupted supply of energy is ensured by individual energy supply lines installed in the stations.
Everything is received from the same hands – from designing to assembling services.

  • Design, installation and servicing of telecommunications, electrical engineering equipment and electronic communication infrastructure
  • Preparation of technical documents and coordination with relevant institutions
  • Assembling and servicing of the customer’s equipment

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