Equipment hosting in data centre

Modern data centre is a safe and reliable area for servers, information systems, important or high volume data and websites. Data centre is equipped in accordance with the highest reliability standards and includes halls with assured individual and backup ventilation, energy supply and Internet traffic systems.
No investment into own server premises or data centre infrastructure. In case of need, we take care of your equipment and IT systems supervision.
Data centre is equipped in accordance with TIER3 standard requirements: electricity is supplied from even 3 independent sources, and uninterrupted supply of electricity is ensured by backup system of uninterrupted energy supply channels; infrastructure of communications has a backup, several optical cable inputs are connected to the data centre; modern microclimate management and fire extinguishing systems as well as network and data centre work monitoring systems are equipped in the DC.
Territory and premises are under constant video camera surveillance. Access to the data centre is strictly controlled.

  • Convenient, time- and money-saving way to perform basic works of equipment supervision without a necessity to visit the data centre.

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