Provision of radio broadcast transmission tools

Services for provision of radio broadcast transmission tools are intended for radio programme broadcasters or rebroadcasters. Infrastructure of high-rise towers for the national coverage and a team of experienced specialists enable to ensure the top quality of services.
The owned infrastructure of towers will allow installation of a new station at optimised costs without investing into a tower construction. You will be able to immediately start transmission of radio programmes and reach the maximum audience throughout Lithuania.
Experienced specialists offer consulting helping to choose the most effective solution.
The sites are equipped with fire alarm and protective alarm systems, and the temperature and humidity necessary for ensuring operating conditions are maintained in the premises. Uninterrupted supply of energy is ensured by individual energy supply lines installed in the stations.
Antennas are selected to make the most effective use of the parameters of your owned frequency.
We conduct monitoring of the service operation 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. Our skilled specialists working in various towns demonstrate a prompt reaction and ensure high quality of services.

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