Live broadcasting

Live transmission of video and audio information from any part of the country to your target audience.
We ensure high quality live broadcasting for television and radio broadcasters, web portals and other companies throughout Lithuania.
We will transmit audio and video signals from any part of Lithuania to your studio or Internet.
The competence we have and necessary equipment we own allow a very prompt supply of the service. We have implemented a lot of live broadcasting projects where periods for preparation were especially short.
The most extensive experience in the market in the field of live broadcast transmission. The first live programmes were broadcasted in 1961 by using a transportable TV station.
We listen to customer needs and are ready to implement the most complicated and non-standard solutions. Internet broadcasts will be accessible not only on computers, but also on smart phones or tablets.
High Quality
Focus on provision of services and search for the most optimal technical solution ensure impeccable quality.

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