For over 20 years we have been involved in design and assembling of telecommunication and electrical engineering equipment, as well as electronic communications infrastructure, preparation of technical documentation and carrying out of technical supervision of the above works.
Extensive experience and refined work methods ensure top quality services and optimal solutions adapted to customer needs.
An estimate is drawn by using SISTELA programme which ensures functionality of construction cost calculation in accordance with Technical Regulations and Recommendations for Construction approved by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania. All the works will be performed by experienced and top qualification certified specialists.
Coordination of design works with relevant authorities.
Nonstandard Solutions
Competence of the specialists and their obtained certificates entitle them to design and work in high altitude. Design services may be performed in various types of buildings and may include infrastructure of distribution systems.

  • Categories of buildings: special structures
  • Groups of buildings: residential and non-residential buildings
  • Distribution systems: infrastructures of electronic communications

Categories of design works:

  • Infrastructure of electronic communications (telecommunications)
  • Management and automation of telecommunication processes (process management and automation systems)
  • Determining of construction estimated price (drawing of estimates)
  • Preparation of plans for calculation of the electromagnetic field generated by a radio-technical unit and monitoring of the electromagnetic field, and coordination with public health centres
  • Investment assessment (cost-effectiveness analysis is carried out based on the data obtained from project part solutions and submitted by the constructor)
  • • Technical conditions for performance of design and assembling works
  • • Projects and their coordination
  • • Material for tenders to acquire materials and works
  • • Expert services to determine winners of tenders
  • • Representation in negotiations with the winner and when signing an agreement
  • Construction and installation of building structures, remote communication, protective alarm, fire alarm and automation
  • Measurements of reliable reception zones for radio and TV transmitters
  • Technical supervision of radio and TV towers and masts
  • Design and implementation of conditioning and cooling solutions in technical rooms
  • Technical solutions for non-standard communication services
  • Planning, installation and optimization of mobile and fixed radio communication networks
  • Planning and installation of terrestrial radio and TV stations
  • Technical supervision of unit installation (technical, administrative and management actions intended to preserve and renew the unit, so it could perform its necessary functions
  • Compulsory measurements of earth resistance and electromagnetic radiation
  • Consulting on design issues

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