We offer wide career prospects in the company for specialists in radio engineering, ITT, customer care, sales, management and marketing

Contacts for Inquiries

8 (5) 204 001; 8 616 06876

[email protected]

percent of employees who graduated from a universities and other high schools
average number of years of work at the Telecentras
The company‘s branches are located in the largest Lithuanian towns
  • Vilnius
  • Kaunas
  • Klaipėda
  • Šiauliai
  • Panevėžys

Recruitment Process

Employees of Telecentre Personnel Department use various channels for recruitment of new employees: from vacancy notices in the company’s internal channels and external job offer portals, recommendations and social networks, to labour exchanges and career planning centres.

When recruiting employees we always consider the candidate’s competence, satisfaction of requirements for a specific position, as well as desire and determination to achieve the objectives.

The candidates invited for the recruitment not only take part in job interviews with the heads of divisions (or people in charge) and a specialist from the personnel department, they are also frequently given practical tasks to verify their skills.

All the candidates participating in our recruitment process always receive a feedback on the interview results – we particularly appreciate the time dedicated by candidates to us.

Recruitment process includes several stages listed below.

1. Telephone interview
2. Job interview
3. Practical home task
4. Presentation of the practical task
5. Coordination of employment conditions
(in case of positive decision)