Internet Services

By combining fiber-optic and wireless technologies, Telecentre provides integrated Internet communication solutions to its customers throughout Lithuania.
A well-developed network of high-rise towers enables to ensure supply of wireless Internet even in the remote parts of the country where no alternative infrastructure is available.
Nacionalinė debesijos platforma
Possibility to connect up to 32 devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) to a modem and guaranteed operation of WiFi in the range of up to 250 metres from the modem.
To ensure smooth and uninterrupted activity of customer companies we can supply a modem with 4 Internet and 1 telephone links for data transmission and voice services, as well as 1 USB link for connection of external memory or a printer. In addition we can assign a static IP address and connect fixed telephones as well as transfer a fixed telephone number.
Unlimited usage of data irrespective of the plan chosen. What is more, customers are granted a trial guarantee, i.e. customers may test services for 3 work days free of charge.
Uninterrupted supply of Internet is ensured by an advanced modem using (having) Wi-Fi interference removal algorithm.
Consulting provided by the account manager ensures solution to any emerging issues.

Lithuanian towns and villages
Loyal customers
4G base stations by the end of 2016

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